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Discussion 1

Watch the Ted Talk video,  What if our health care system kept us healthy?

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Rebecca Onie: What if our healthcare system kept us healthy?

Duration: (16:35) User: TED – Added: 6/12/12

What role does your facility play in keeping people healthy? Would the Health Leads program work in your facility? Why or why not?

Reply 1 Ingrid

The role that my facility plays in keeping people healthy is through education and awareness. For patients getting ready to re-integrate back into the community, a social worker and/or a therapist checks in with them regarding setting up social security and additional government support. There are also times when the social worker will establish connection with a halfway house to assist the patient during this transition. The majority of my patients are of the lower socioeconomic status who often reside in underserved communities. Stories they tell often include of participating in occasional law-breaking activity just to make a living and survive. My facility educates a lot of the patients and brings forth awareness of potential complications as a result or risky behavior of drug use and prostitution. Prior to discharge, my facility ensures that a supply of medication is provided to them and are taught of the resources available to them.

The Health Leads Program may work in my facility because it puts the patient’s basic needs first and makes attempts to address the social and environmental aspects for my patient population.

Reply 2 Kristine

Our facility helps to keep people healthy by providing quality healthcare services for all in the community. Firstly, this is done by keeping good patient medical records to facilitate close monitoring of patient progress. Secondly, the facility also provides a fitness center where patients with weight problems can be helped to stay healthy. Thirdly, the facility enables scheduled home visits for children with conditions such as asthma to monitor their progress. Fourthly, we facilitate a free public health week where members of the community can get free checkups. Lastly, the facility ensures that the staff is kept healthy by providing adequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment to avoid the spread of disease.

The Health Leads program is a health program that works with health facilities to connect patients especially the low-income earners to the basic resources they need to keep them healthy i.e. food, housing, transportation, and medical care (Health Leads, 2020). The Health Leads program would work well in our facility since there are many low-income patients with long term conditions and other diseases who are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty and poor health. The presence of such cases just shows how such a program is needed by the low-income community around our facility. The program would also work well since there are a lot of college students within the area who can be trained as volunteers to help match the needy patients with the resources they need within their community. Professional medical staff are also available to provide training and directions on what patients need.


Discussion 2

How do the nutrition and fitness goals in  Healthy People 2010  compare to those in  Healthy People 2020 ?


Reply 1 Veronica

Nutrition and fitness goals for both Healthy people 2010 and 2020 remain fairly similar, which is to promote increase daily exercise and promote healthy living to prevent chronic diseases (Healthy People 2010, n.d.).  The expectation of healthy living can increase life expectancy with physical activity (Healthy People 2010, n.d.).  According to Healthy People 2020 (n.d.), “80% adults do not met the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities.”  Although, goals from Healthy People 2010 and 2020 are similar, Healthy People 2020 does differ by promoting more interest in physical activities within childcare facilities by reducing television and computer usage, and promoting more recess and physical education (Healthy People 2020, n.d.). Factors that can impede on successful healthy living are aging, low income, time, motivation, disability, etc. (Healthy People 2020, n.d.).  One way nurses and providers can do to improve physical activity is by promoting and finding solutions for individuals to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, as well as promoting healthy eating habits.


Reply 2 David

The nutrition and fitness goals from health people 2010 compared to healthy people 2020 that ive noticed is the healthy people 2010 website isn’t broken down as well as healthy people 2020. healthy people 2010 gave an entire outlook of how to prevent and made general statements such as, “The first goal of Healthy People 2010 is to help individuals of all ages increase life expectancy and improve their quality of life. The second goal of Healthy People 2010 is to eliminate health disparities among different segments of the population.” ( Healthy People 2010) rather than break down diseases or life style changes. Whereas Healthy People 2020 had more clear objective such as, “Most Healthy People 2030 objectives are core, or measurable, objectives that are associated with targets for the decade. Core objectives reflect high-priority public health issues and are associated with evidence-based interventions. Core objectives have valid, reliable, nationally representative data, including baseline data from no earlier than 2015. If applicable, they have a measure of variability. Data will be provided for core objectives for at least 3 time periods throughout the decade. Regular physical activity provides important health benefits for adolescents. Active transportation, like walking and biking, makes it easier for them to fit physical activity into their daily routines. Communities can use built environment strategies, like creating safe walking and biking routes, to increase active transportation by adolescents.” (Healthy People 2020). It is understandable that Healthy People 2010 would be more limited compared to Healthy 2020 because dramatic changes such as demographic census and improvement in evidence base studies relating to health prevention.


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