NR103 Transition To The Nursing Profession

Reflections Presentation

i. What does your inspiration mean?

ii. Name one concept that challenged you during this course.

iii. What has been the greatest lesson you have learned?

iv. How will what you have learned to help you be successful at (University name)?

Required criteria:


APA format

Keep Short

Reflections Presentation


1. What does your inspiration mean?


R: 3 years ago, my brother in law got into a serious car accident and sustained many injuries. I helped him recover during the following months by caring for his wounds, administering cutaneous injections, and other daily living activities. During that time, I came in contact with many nurses and became fascinated by the role they really play in hospitals. This is when I decided to study for a nursing degree and obtained Certified Nursing Assistant certification in order to expose myself to the health care system and I want to be a nurse because I see so much potential to contribute to someone’s day. Whether that be with a good attitude or by providing the best care I can.


2. Name one concept that challenged you during this course.


R: One of the most common challenges that I faced during this course is maintaining a balance between my studies and my personal life. Keep in mind that it’s important to succeed in both because neglecting your personal life will have a negative impact on your studies and vice-versa. Therefore, to maintain a balance, you had to manage my time correctly.

Tips to helped me manage my time:

Keep a schedule

Limit your time on social media networks

Plan your meals

Stay organized

Be flexible

Download free studying applications that allow you to record notes and organize class information


3. What has been the greatest lesson you have learned?


R: The greatest lesson I have learned to identify your best option. Nurses are trained to think critically since day one of nursing school. We are instructed to pick the best answer among all the other correct ones. We are trained to eliminate choices that may seem right but are apparently not the finest option. And whatever choice you make is very crucial to how the rest of your life is going to turn out. May it be regarding your career, maybe relocation the pros and cons is not always so easy, and the process of elimination isn’t always fun either. But my point is that in life, there will be times you’re at the fork of a road that requires some serious decision-making. And as a grown up, you need to be prepared for that.


4. How will what you have learned help you be successful at Chamberlain?


R: Some of the thing I leaned will help me to be successful at chamberlain is know my APA resources very early in the course, familiarize myself with the basics of APA citation. Understanding the need to summarize and properly cite resources. The campus center for academic success (CAS). One-on-one tutoring from CAS team can help me with everything form general study skills to specific course material. Lastly NCLEX questions. When I am studding for a fundamental’s exam, it’s hard to look ahead to the NCLEX but I will not forget where all my hard work is leading to

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