Con-Position Proposal

Please review the Counterpoint: Vaccines: Caution Advised, an example of a con article.

Note: The article was pulled from our Chamberlain library’s Points of View Reference Center database. This resource is highly recommended, as it presents many of the topics in the General Education Healthcare field that may be applicable this term. To access the resource from our library website, choose “Databases” on the homepage, and scroll down to “Points of View.” Click “Go.” Scroll down to Health and Medicine. You will see a large list of potential topics ranging from Allergies in Schools to Vegetarianism. When you click on a topic (Vaccines, for example), you will see an overview of the topic, as well as points, counterpoints, and a guide to critical analysis.

The goal of the proposal is to create a working thesis statement and basic research plan that considers context, audience, purpose, and presents potential sources. A proposal is not an outline, as it does not structure the paper. Rather, a proposal offers direction for research needs and gives your professor an opportunity to provide feedback before the drafting process.

Access the Con-Position Proposal Template and complete the six required sections:

For an example proposal, refer to pages 269-270 of our textbook.

Writing Requirements (APA format)






Title of your proposal

Your Name





Date due















Con-Position Proposal

Please use this document as a template for your proposal by filling in the sections with blue font.

SUBJECT: Topic choice (1-4 words)
RESEARCH QUESTION: Present your research question (1 sentence).
CLAIM: Present your working thesis statement here. Try to include the topic and all 3 con-points (1 sentence).
RESEARCH PROPOSAL: Detail your thoughts on developing/proving your thesis and finding applicable research. What challenges or complications might you encounter from your audience or the research process? How will you overcome such obstacles? (1-2 paragraphs)


3 SOURCE COLLECTION via a Synthesis Matrix

A Synthesis Matrix is basically a visual representation of our collected resources. It shows the breakdown of topic to specific evidence. Please fill in the table below with your 3 collected resources (you should have at least one from this week’s discussion board). Some sources may cover more than one pro-point, while others just prove the one pro-point.


Source: Use an APA in-text citation 1st Con-Point:

Note point here

2nd Con-Point:

Note point here

3rd Con-Point:

Note point here

(Author, year) for first source Detail Evidence    
(Author, year) for second source     Detail Evidence
(Author, year) for third source   Detail Evidence  






Cite references in APA format

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